Arayan Hotal is constructed on baisi of regulations and legislation granted by the competent authorities, and it consists of the followings:


Which contains luxurious setting rooms that has the cpacity of welcoming a large group of guests as well as having a High Speed Wireless Internet Network, and a modern Satellite System that includes News Channels and a large number of other Channels.




Arayan Hotel Rooms are designed based on the most modern world hotel rooms equipments, all rooms contains a group of systems that provides comfort and security to our guests, as illustrated below:


Room E-Card Doors.

E-Card Electricity System.

Each room contains a fridge and an LCD TV screen.

Each room is furnished with luxurious furniture, excellent screens, and the most modern Hotel Designs.

Everyday supplies usage.

A Satellite system which contains a variety of excellent Channels plus a High Speed Internet Connection.

An automatic Electricity controle device with a complete fire fighting system in addition to security and fire alarams.



Arayan Hotel's Laundry offers services 24/24.



Arayan Hotel's Cafe` is located near the reception room , it offers it's services 24/24.



It's located in the 8th floor, the dining rooms is large enough to welcom 75 person, it's fully equipped with the most modern designs, with it's fully equipped and modern Kitchen, offering you the best of service from our excellent team.


Arayan Hotel mangment is pleased to welcome you in our Hotel because we are sure of us providing an excellent service that makes your accommodation with comfortable as possible.